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Our facility provides outpatient DIALYSIS in Harrison Arkansas 6 days per week. We use the latest technology in our equipment and supplies. Currently, we have two shifts Monday thru Saturday. We believe our DIALYSIS staff is the best in the field of kidney disease in Northwest Arkansas and they take pride in the “personalized” care they provide daily. Visitors from all over the United States always comment on how friendly and professional our nurses and techs are and that is why we have many return visitors year after year.


Our team members are responsible to ensure that at the end of each day, they can go home knowing they did the best job they could do and the patients had a better day because of it. We don’t just deliver a DIALYSIS treatment at HARRISON DIALYSIS, we go the extra mile every single day.




Ever thought about doing Dialysis from the comfort of your own home? 

To find out if this treatment option might be suitable for you contact Rhonda Spurlin, Home Program Coordinator at 417-334-8241

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