Seasonal Recipe

Renal Vanilla Ice Cream


1 cup     Low Cholesterol Egg Product, pasteurized

1 cup     Sugar, granulated

2 cups   Liquid Nondairy Creamer

1 tbs      Vanilla Extract

Ice Cream Machine

Preparation & details:

1) Using 1 qt microwave bowl, beat egg product and sugar until well blended.

2) Stir in non dairy creamer and microwave for 1 minute or until mixture thickens.

3) Remove from heat.  When cool, stir in vanilla. 

4) Pour mixture into center container of ice cream machine.

5) Process according to manufacturer's directions for machine. 

Options: Almond Coffee:

add 4 tbs instant coffee granules and 2 tbs almond extract to step 3 when adding vanilla.  Mix until coffee granules are dissolved.  

May also add renal friendly fruit of your choice or candy bars, (1/4 to 1/2 cup crushed butterfinger).

Servings per recipe: 16   Serving size 105 g

1/2 cup serving =

                               140            Kcal

                                3.7 gm      Protein

                                41 mg       Phosphorus

                                157 mg      Potassium